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Production information

Anti-static Packaging


Production information

NameAnti-static Packaging


MaterialConsisted of antistatic polymer materials

SpecificationAccording to the function requirements of customers, we can provide diverse specification and size customized.

CategoryShielding bag, Aluminum foil bag, Metallized foil bag, Nylon Vacuum bag, Black conductive bag, PE bag, Mesh conductive bag, Conductive bag, Bubble cushioned bag, Composite bubble bag, EPE protective film, EPE foam, high barrier aluminum composite jumbo bag.

Feature:STAR anti-static packaging bags have variety functions of anti-static, moisture protection, anti-electromagnetic, salt spray, waterproof vapor permeation, wear protection, high and low temperature resistance, preservative, etc.


Spot size



Application scope

Star anti-static packaging bags are offered to electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, military industry, they are suitable for various PC boards, IC integrated circuits, CD-ROM, hard disks, electronic components, Tablet computer, LCD TV, etc.


Product Advantage

Raw material optimization: Consist of high-quality antistatic polymer materials, meet GB_T 10004-2008 standard. It can be satisfied variety needs of customers by using composition technology and different material formula.

Parameter: According to customer’s requirements, making the anti-static bags with surface resistance of 108Ω~1011Ω,103Ω~105Ω,106Ω~109Ω. Meet the diverse packaging requirements of customers, such as friction voltage, water vapor transmission rate, oxygen transmission rate, piercing strength, edge strength, tensile strength, etc. Control the particle content of chemical substances such amide, silicone oil, chloride and dust particle by using different technical formula.

Positioning: Focusing on the anti-static packaging industry for 20 years, Star has become an excellent integrated service provider for local procurement and off-site delivery of more than 30 large multinational group companies in the world's top 500 companies. Among them, EPE has not overcome the core technical difficulties in the control of precipitates, replacing Japan. Imported products have become the preferred supplier of major LCD screen customers in China.

Logistics distribution: we provide one-stop service for production, warehousing, and near logistics point distribution. Large orders are supported by STAR online shopping mail, and delivered in 24 hours.

Firm size: Own rich product lines and five production based in Suzhou, Guangdong, Tianjin, Chengdu. We provide services for electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, military industry, office supply firms. Different production bases are convenient for large customers to purchase and deliver goods synchronously across regions and different places.

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