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Products information

Thermal Container Liner


Products information

Name: Thermal Container Liner
Brand: STAR
Material: The outer layer is made of aluminum foil, and the inner layer is made of bubble film or EPE or woven.
Specification: Material thickness, structure, function can be supported to customized, the inner layer of the product can be printed protective color.
Standard:Use Australian fire protection standard, passed the AWTA fire proof Index 1, and SGS certification.

Product characteristics

  • Application:It is the most cost effective method of protecting perishable goods such as food, drinks, fruits, candies, milk powder and pharmaceutical products that require an ambient temperature during the cold chain transportation process. It can also be used to transport cereal, flour, tea, mineral fertilizers, animal feeds or products with similar characteristics.

  • Logistics distribution:We provide one-stop service for production, warehousing, and near logistics point distribution. Large orders are supported by STAR online shopping mail, and delivered in 24 hours.

  • Feature:Star thermal container liner is a six-sided or five-side liner designed to cover the interior of a shipping container which fits perfectly into either a 20ft, 40GP or High Cube container, and protect goods stored inside, Using aluminum foil laminate with a certain thickness of foam, PE bubble or woven cloth to reflect heat away from the load and keep the internal temperature within an acceptable range, providing a closed off temperature and humidity sheltered environment. Each thermal liner will be fitted with nylon rope and hooks for easy installation, it is the easiest way to protect and ship your temperature-sensitive cargo.

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