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Production information

Full biodegradable Agricultural Product


Production information

Name: Full biodegradable agricultural product


ColorIt can be made into transparent, black, white color according to the different uses.

Materialfull bio-based raw material

Specificationfull biodegradable film can be customized according to different needs of plants and different soil conditions.

Category: Agricultural film, Seedling pot.

Spot size


Usage and storage: avoid excessive heat, chemical. Store bags in a cool, dry place and used between 6-8 month.

Size and specification can be customized within customer’s needs.

Our products are divided into high barrier and low barrier, customers should choose correct products according to needs.


Application scope

“LOVE HOME, LOVE EARTH” full biodegradable agricultural products are suitable for all kinds application of agricultural film, cultivation of edible fungi, green feed storage, protection of agricultural products, seedling protection.

Product Advantage

Environmental:It will degrade fully into water and carbon dioxide under compostable condition between 180-360 days, which will benefit to reducing 30% oil consumption and 40% carbon dioxide emissions. It also degrade fully in oceans.

Material:full bio-based raw material, afe contact, zero pollution. Conforming to ASTM-D6400, EN13432, AS4736, FDA Criterion, passed BPI and DIN-CERTCO certification.

Performance:It’s tear and shock resistance strength is twice of polyethylene products. It can be complete used for daily life instead of traditional plastic bags.

Logistics distribution:We provide one-stop service for production, warehousing, and near logistics point distribution. Large orders are supported by “LOVE HOME, LOVE EARTH” online shopping mail, and delivered in 24 hours

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